Listing Eagle – Suppression and Hijacker Amazon Listing Monitor 24×7

In addition to email alerts, you will also receive 24×7 SMS text message alerts. This service is also available to our International Subscribers who have text capabilities. Get notified about a potential hijacker no matter where you are!

No longer will it take days for you to finally stumble onto the fact your listing has been hijacked!

Get notified immediately when one of your listings has been suppressed and get it fixed ASAP without losing days of sales/rankings!

Monitor your listings on the go… Receive convenient text alerts on your phone (including international SMS text alerts) so that you can take quick action. Instruct hijackers to remove their fraudulent product from your listing or fix your suppressed listing right away!

Listing Eagle will create customized communications for you to send to hijackers at the touch of a button. Developing a custom strategy and script to confront hijackers can be confusing and time-consuming!

Getting notified of a suppressed listing instantly allows you to fix the problem and not lose sales or your rank.

Loading ASIN’s one by one manually is clunky and time-consuming, but with our bulk loader you will set up your ASIN’s with speed and accuracy.

"Selling on Amazon is a great business, but the last thing I want to happen is someone taking over my listing without my knowledge. I love Listing Eagle because it monitors my listings for me and sends me a quick notification so that I can remedy the situation…