Blog Curation Blueprint – The Complete Video Course on Blog Curation.

Blogging has been the hottest thing on the internet since the past few years and names like Daniel Scocco, Jeremy Schoemaker, John Chow etc. have all emerged as hot properties on the internet.

Irrespective of the route you took to come to this page, one thing is for sure – You are a Blogger! But there is something that is haunting you..

Let me ask you a few questions? If you answer any of these in a “Yes”, then you are at the right place.

I dragged myself to keep writing for another 2 years but the result was nothing better than what it was..

In 2011,I stumbled upon a blog called Huffington Post and was amazed at the amount of content it was churning out everyday. One thing was sure.. it was not one person doing it.

As I kept browsing through the blog, I clicked on one article that took me to a different blog and I found that part of the content was the same as on Huffington Post..

I have been hearing about the penalty from Google for duplicate content and that you should even avoid displaying complete articles on you home page because that acts as duplicate content to your individual post pages etc..

Arianna Huffington was a celebrity in spite of the fact that her blog was full of duplicate content..

It meant that there was something legal about using other’s content.. Duplicacy or, copying content was a term that had something else…