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Badass Guest BloggingClick Image To Visit SiteWe remember one particular day back in early 2012 when things weren’t going so well for us. We were sitting at our dining room table in Toronto feeling desperate and defeated on a cold, miserable March afternoon. We had spent weeks upon weeks and thousands of dollars trying to get the results we were so sure would happen the minute we hit “publish” on our first review on our skin care site... It was on this gloomy day — a day where we were “this close” to hitting rock bottom — that everything changed for us. A simple yet fateful search on one of our competitor’s websites brought us to their “write for us” page. It was like the clouds parted and we saw the opportunity that had been there all along, just waiting for us to take notice. From that point on we never looked back & guest blogging has been key to our marketing strategy ever since! “By the end of April we had made $1100 and by the time August rolled around we were pulling in $5215.30 a month” ~ Once you complete the payment you will get full access to our members-only area packed with over 3 hours of information, broken down into 30 easy-to-follow training videos. You will also get transcripts for each video, as well as a resource list of 200 high-ranking websites (PR 4 and up) spanning 15 popular industries, all of whom are accepting guest posts right now. Each video will teach you a profitable strategy you can use to drive powerful links, boost your Google rankings, and increase your income. You will learn both basic and advanced strategies that can help grow your business beyond your expectations. Kickstart your guest posting campaign by immediately pitching topics to the... Read more...



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